So here I am listening to some new music and just reflecting. Take a peek into the rousing of my heart, it just might bless your soul:

What can I become in this next season of my life? So many things are on the horizon of my thoughts. So many opportunities. So many chances to utterly fail. Do I sit back and do nothing or do I grab life by the horns and go with the flow? I am uncertain about so much, but certainly certain about so many things as well. Disappointments, I have seen my share. Yet it is important that I do not allow them to shape me. It’s OK to cry, if the tears deepen my resolve. It’s OK to get angry if my anger stirs up the survivor in me. It’s OK to be honest, if my honesty makes me examine myself first and foremost. It’s OK to fight lust, if the battles help me teach others how to yield their passions to God. It’s OK to be transparent if what people see leaves them longing for God. It’s OK to want to break free from poverty, if my prosperity doesn’t lead me to materialism. It’s OK to despise loneliness, as long as my need for companionship doesn’t jeopardize my morals. It’s OK to challenge old methods, as long as my new method doesn’t compromise the gospel message. As long as my heart is pure, It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s OK.

U don’t have to have it all together to be used by God. He just might get glory out of these broken vessels of ours. One thing is certain; quitting should never be an option. Live for God, live holy, or die trying. This is just how I see it, because with God it’s always OK. He loves us just like, we are. It’s OK to stumble your way into your purpose. It’s OK because God doesn’t need your perfection as much as He craves your faith. If you can believe He is always able and will always make yourself available; then even in times of uncertainty, you can boldly say “ITS OK”